It Takes Two to Text

It Takes Two to Text

How to Find and Keep Service Techs

How to Find and Keep Service Techs

Win a Trip to Industry Summit 2015

Win a Trip to Industry Summit 2015

Increase Your Closing Ratio by 20%

Increase Your Closing Ratio by 20%

Latest Topics

  • For the Win

    The annual Dealers’ Choice Awards stand apart in honoring the industry’s best partners, providers and finance companies as selected by dealers and dealership personnel.

  • On Course

    The 2015 Automotive Forum promised good times — and significant change — for dealers in the years ahead.

  • Living the Dream

    Bold business moves and a dynamic setting proved to be the winning formula for Brickell Motors and its owner, Mario Murgado.

  • There Is No Bubble

    The magazine caught up with Dealertrack’s Raj Sundaram to discuss sales forecasts, the specter of the subprime auto finance bubble, digital retailing and the Dealers’ Choice Awards.

  • Fair-Weather Foes

    The so-called consumer advocates who are bullying dealers were nowhere to be found when times were tough.

  • Are Your Employees Pickpocketing Your Profits?

    Lax policies and unauthorized charges, discounts and freebies could be nipping away at your bottom line.

  • Straight to the Source

    ADT sits down with Dean Evans, a digital marketing expert with experience in the retail, OEM and third-party segments.

  • Tear Down Your Silos

    Successful Internet dealerships are built on an interdependent strategy that puts showroom sales pros and BDC agents on the same page.

  • The 2015 Dealer's Choice Awards

    The 2015 Dealers’ Choice Awards recognizes the industry’s best vendors, suppliers and finance companies as selected by dealers and dealership personnel.

  • Apples and Pomegranates

    Consumers will suffer from the CFPB’s use of the word ‘loan’ in place of ‘auto finance contracts.’

  • Every Avalanche Starts With a Snowflake

    The FTC’s probe of biweekly payment programs was limited in scope and consequence, but it could be a harbinger of further concerns over F&I products and dealer markup.

  • Women Are Not a Moving Target

    Simple promises and superior results are the key to marketing your dealership to women.

  • Can I Be Direct?

    Crafting a winning direct mail marketing campaign in the Digital Age requires a clear, concise message that drives car buyers to your website.

  • How to Elevate Emotions and Excitement

    Use the subtle and not-so-subtle emotional clues every customer divulges to get them excited about the vehicles and features you know they’ll love.

  • One of a Kind

    Mike Stone’s 50-year career in auto retail was built upon his genuine desire to serve customers over the long term.

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Jim Ziegler on Customer Service

The Alpha Dawg joined LotLinx’s “Year of the Dealer” roundtable at NADA 2015 to offer his insights on the true value of customer satisfaction. For more videos, click here.

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