6 Ways to Fix Your Loaner Program

6 Ways to Fix Your Loaner Program

Clean Up Your Service Department: Part 2

Clean Up Your Service Department: Part 2

Alert: Phishing Scam Targets Agents

Alert: Phishing Scam Targets Agents

F&I Dealer of the Year Nomination Period Extended to Aug. 24

F&I Dealer of the Year Nomination Period Extended to Aug. 24

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  • 6 Ways to Fix Your Loaner Program

    Turn a profit killer into a profit generator with a proven, six-step process that reduces costs and improves retention.

  • Dealer Principal as Big Brother

    Dealers who undertake electronic surveillance of employees’ emails and phone calls must be aware of state consent requirements and tread carefully to avoid violating a maze of federal laws.

  • Fixing the F&I Time Delay

    Self-selection tools can reduce your average turn, accelerate deliveries, and improve F&I production.

  • Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

    Hudson details a Connecticut lawsuit that confirmed as-is vehicle sales are subject to the UCC’s implied warranties rule.

  • The CFPB’s Spirit Lives On

    In the first of a series of F&I Think Tank webinars, attorney Eric Johnson offered a wake-up call to dealers and F&I professionals who thought the industry won a decisive victory over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when the federal agency’s auto finance guidance was rescinded in May.

  • Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

    Some states, including Minnesota, permit ‘as is’ sales with no written warranty and an exclusion of implied warranties. No state, including Minnesota, permits fraud.

  • 3 Ways to Close Your Next Sale

    Is your timing off? Top trainer comes to the rescue with three proven steps you can take to improve your showroom communication skills and execute the perfect close.

  • Sales Training With the Greek Philosophers

    How would the ancient world’s greatest minds train your sales team? Join Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle to build a training curriculum focused on communication, processes, and productivity.

  • 4 Ways to Attract and Keep Millennials

    Erase the showroom stigma by making your dealership the workplace of choice for motivated and purpose-driven millennials.

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Ziegler: They Said I Was a Crackpot

Jim Ziegler holds Uber responsible for the death of an Arizona woman who was run down by an autonomous SUV in March, but he doubts executives will face criminal charges. In They Finally Killed Somebody, the Alpha Dawg traces the so-called demand for driverless vehicles to the handful of businesses that stand to gain the most — including some of your closest partners. Click here to read the story.