What Really Motivates Your Employees?

What Really Motivates Your Employees?

The Big 10

The Big 10

4 Secret Skills of Successful Managers

4 Secret Skills of Successful Managers

Subaru Soul

Subaru Soul

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  • On Course

    The 2015 Automotive Forum promised good times — and significant change — for dealers in the years ahead.

  • Living the Dream

    Bold business moves and a dynamic setting proved to be the winning formula for Brickell Motors and its owner, Mario Murgado.

  • The Social Media Superman

    Rico Glover is on the path to success at Bryan Honda, where he and General Manager Tim Roussell are building a small-city dealership into an online powerhouse.

  • Capture, Conquest and Close

    Opportunistic dealers are using geo-conquest mobile advertising to steal prospects from their competitors’ showrooms.

  • In Favor of Shop-Click-Drive

    The move toward digital retailing is the inevitable result of increased familiarity with self-service transactions.

  • Look Who Emailed Me!

    An invitation to join the CFPB’s Company Portal should not be ignored, and some dealers may choose to sign up preemptively.

  • Everything in Its Place

    Custom workstations allow dealers to design and maintain clean, efficient shops that can reduce customer wait times and help retain skilled technicians.

  • 6 Touchpoints for Service Customers

    Dealers are earning loyal service customers by focusing on providing a positive experience in every phase of the transaction.

  • Women Are Not a Moving Target

    Simple promises and superior results are the key to marketing your dealership to women.

  • Apples and Pomegranates

    Consumers will suffer from the CFPB’s use of the word ‘loan’ in place of ‘auto finance contracts.’

  • Every Avalanche Starts With a Snowflake

    The FTC’s probe of biweekly payment programs was limited in scope and consequence, but it could be a harbinger of further concerns over F&I products and dealer markup.

  • Women Are Not a Moving Target

    Simple promises and superior results are the key to marketing your dealership to women.

  • The Big 10

    Remember the last time you sold 10 cars in less than five hours? Michael Nekava does, and it was an afternoon he will never forget.

  • Your Constant Value Proposition

    Providing exceptional customer service at every touchpoint is the best way to reassure customers they will be treated fairly when they visit your dealership.

  • Subaru Soul

    Mark Sattler has snagged the May Sales Pro title, thanks to his hard work, dedication and love of his brand. If you know of a sales pro who deserves some recognition, nominate them by clicking here.

Auto Dealer TV
Jim Ziegler on Customer Service

The Alpha Dawg joined LotLinx’s “Year of the Dealer” roundtable at NADA 2015 to offer his insights on the true value of customer satisfaction. For more videos, click here.

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