Starting in Gear

Starting in Gear

Dealer ‘Clipped’ for $2.4 Million

Dealer ‘Clipped’ for $2.4 Million

How to Improve Your Recon Turn

How to Improve Your Recon Turn

So Many Products, So Little Time

So Many Products, So Little Time

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  • The Ratings Giant

    Allen Turner credits his Hyundai store's 2016 Dealer of the Year award to a customer-first sales and service philosophy that has generated more than 1,000 positive reviews on DealerRater.

  • Take Control of Your Used-Car Inventory

    If you give your used units the attention they deserve, they will reward you with increased profits.

  • How to Get Your Dealer License

    Expert offers a six-step plan for first-time auto dealers.

  • 4 Benefits of Centralized Accounting

    Multistore dealers are using centralized accounting practices to improve consistency, productivity, and customer and partner relationships — and, most importantly, save time and money.

  • Feed the Need

    The time to reexamine your fair credit compliance policies and programs has come. Expert identifies five crucial areas of exposure.

  • The Why of F&I

    Justifying the existence of the F&I department requires dealers to take a hard look at the value it offers to customers and its effect on the sales process.

  • Best of the Best

    Dealers honor their favorite vendors, technology providers, trainers, and finance companies in the 12th annual Dealers’ Choice Awards.

  • The Digital Marketing Dividing Line’s Andy MacLeay sorts through the latest developments and explains the importance of measuring intent and connecting car buyers with dealers — and their vehicles.

  • 3 Pitfalls of Analysis

    Properly analyzing the connection between a positive online and in-person experience requires dealers to reconsider the way you analyze metrics and respond to bad reviews.

  • Solving the CFPB Problem

    The man who has led the NADA’s regulatory advocacy efforts since 2006 believes the tide may be turning in the CFPB’s attack on dealer participation.

  • The Great Defender

    New York dealer Bill Fox brings experience, passion, humility and unwavering support for the franchised dealer model to his role as 2015 NADA chairman.

  • Apples and Pomegranates

    Consumers will suffer from the CFPB’s use of the word ‘loan’ in place of ‘auto finance contracts.’

  • Starting in Gear

    Harry Klekos puts his all into his first meeting with each customer, and he expects them to be just as upfront as he is.

  • How to Improve Your Recon Turn

    Dealers are using time-to-market to improve reconditioning processes, reduce costs, and maximize profits on used-vehicle sales.

  • World War Gen Z

    Members of Generation Z are the anti-Millennials, and they’re coming to a dealership near you.

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