January 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

NLRB General Counsel Throws Dealers a Lifeline

By Dave Druzynski

President Trump’s pick for Labor Board general counsel just swung the pendulum back to an employer-friendly stance. Human resources expert weighs in.

Tags: employees, human resources, National Labor Relations Board, social media

December 2017, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Hire Introverts to Increase Sales

By Mo Zahabi

Today's car buyers are more interested in resourcefulness than sales pitches, and dealers are hiring sales professionals whose personalities reflect those needs.

Tags: Employee Screening, employees, hiring

August 2017, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Top 5 HR Changes Dealers Are Making

Getty Images

By Adam Robinson

Improve and update your recruiting and onboarding, go mobile, and rewrite your job descriptions.

Tags: employees, hiring, human resources

May 2017, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Staying Fit on Dealer Hours

By G.P. Anderson

G.P. has practical tips for those who agree that physical fitness affects your attitude and aptitude.

Tags: employees, sales training

May 2017, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Stop Paying to Sell

By Joel Gordon

Sales manager Joel Gordon makes a three-part argument for abandoning your commission-only pay plan. Learn how guaranteed income creates a wider and deeper talent pool, smooths out the hills and valleys of success, and acknowledges the realities of auto retail in the 21st Century.

Tags: employees, sales incentives ideas, sales training

January 2017, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Develop Good Habits and Dominate in 2017

Photo by Serge Melki

By Tony Troussov

It’s a new year and a great time to sharpen your dealer skillset. Top trainer lays out a five-step plan.

Tags: Customer Service, employees, management, sales, sales training

September 2016, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Dealership Family Values

By Jason Heard

General sales manager offers three tips for treating employees like family — without all the drama.

Tags: employee retention, employees, Family

November 2015, Auto Dealer Today - Cover Story

The Standard Bearer

Greg Rietz is typically the first staff member to arrive at the Lujack Honda showroom, using his own key to unlock the doors between 4 and 5 a.m. He spends the early-morning hours writing letters and cards to his thousands of personal clients. 

By Toni McQuilken

If you missed it, check out Auto Dealer Monthly’s profile on its 2014 Sales Professional of the Year, Lujack Honda’s Greg Rietz. If you know of a sales pro who deserves some recognition, let us know by clicking on the link at the end of the article.

Tags: employees, sales department, Sales Professional of the Year

September 2015, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

The Firing Line

Courtesy NBC Universal

By Paul Hatcher

Terminating an employee is always hard, but if they have been properly recruited and trained, the decision can be easy.

Tags: employee retention, employees, Firing, training

July 2015, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

How to Find and Keep Service Techs

By Jim Alton

Having trouble hiring quality service technicians? You might not be looking in the right places.

Tags: employees, hiring, parts and service, technician training

June 2015, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Pay to Play

Compensation can be a major point of contention among dealers, managers and employees. GM explains how initial planning can prevent future headaches. 

By Steve Fox

Compensation can be a major point of contention among dealers, managers and employees. GM explains how initial planning can prevent future headaches.

Tags: compensation, employees, Payment Plan, sales

June 2015, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

What Really Motivates Your Employees?

The carrot-and-stick approach is losing its appeal as leaders find new ways to encourage productivity. 

By Mike Esposito

The carrot-and-stick approach is losing its appeal as leaders find new ways to encourage productivity.

Tags: employees, productivity, sales team motivation, training

January 2013, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

The New Employee You Just Hired Committed Bank Fraud: The Value Of Background Checks Cont'd

By Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez - Now that background checks are more common, job seekers are recognizing the importance of taking steps to ensure that information in the public domain is correct and presents them in an appropriate light.

Tags: background Checks, bank fraud, BDC, Credit Report, DMV, employees, personnel

December 2012, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Harmless Horseplay is not a Harassment Defense

By Jim Radogna

Author Jim Radogna discusses the alarming numbers of harassment and discrimination lawsuits being filed against car dealerships.

Tags: BDC, discrimination, EEOC, employees, employment, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, harassment, labor laws, lawsuits, privacy policy

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