Who Leads Your Online Sales Efforts

August 2006, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

by Rob Chesney - Also by this author

Imagine what would happen if several potential customers poked their heads inside your dealership all at the same time and started asking questions about your vehicles or shouted out an offer. What would be the most effective way to handle this swarm of customers? Would you leave your sales potential up to chance and hope your sales reps pick up as many buyers as they can?
That’s exactly the situation you may face on eBay Motors if you don’t dedicate the proper resources. In fact, eBay Motors receives 10 million unique visitors from across the country per month and an automobile sells every minute on the site. Each listing that is viewed on eBay Motors by an Internet shopper is similar to a consumer walking into your dealership.
In order to , it’s essential to designate a dedicated person or team to manage your eBay Motors channel. Typical responsibilities include identifying the right mix of vehicles to sell; listing the vehicles for auction or fixed price; responding to inquiries from prospective buyers in a timely manner and monitoring sales.

Listing management tools such as CarAd ( can help to eliminate some of the repetitive tasks an online sales manager would face, but the key is to have a human element ultimately responsible for closing the sale. Depending on whether you select to utilize a solution provider such as CarAd to assist with listing and auction management, your leader may have different responsibilities. One area they will always be responsible for is the communication with potential bidders. eBay Motors buyers are looking for timely, honest answers and an open dialogue that will put them at ease about the major purchase they are about to make.

Before choosing an Internet-channel manager, you should set out a clear description of qualifications and responsibilities. While this person should ideally have strong computer and interpersonal skills, the eBay Motors platform is one that can be learned with proper time dedication and training.

The eBay Motors dedicated dealer page ( is the first resource for your Internet manager. Here they can view best practices, including selecting inventory, creating listings, pricing, communicating, building trust and managing an eBay Motors account. The site also includes links to listing software such as CarAd, training resources and overviews of shipping and financing services. also hosts chats with dealers utilizing eBay Motors and top seller account managers from eBay Motors. These chats are a great way to hear best practices and bounce ideas off experienced sellers and eBay Motors employees.

Consider creating a compensation plan similar to your sales team, yet specifically tailored for Internet sales. Your Internet manager should have motivational incentives and subsequent rewards for increased sales, providing top notch customer service and for ultimately expanding your customer base.

Your eBay Motors sales are likely to accelerate quickly if you are able to designate a leader to manage this highly effective complimentary sales channel.

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