Dealer Review Venues to Expand

October 2013, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

by Stephanie Forshee

In the coming months, car dealers will be gaining even more exposure for their consumer reviews. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) and are both in the process of creating separate platforms that will pull dealer reviews from popular automotive review sites.

Kelley Blue Book intends to nationally launch a “Dealer Ratings” tab in the fourth quarter of this year. The company is testing a hyperlink on dealer pages that will direct visitors to each store’s review page. In the national deployment, the links will extend to the review site of the dealer’s choice.

“We want dealers to be able to put their best foot forward and not have to manage another platform that we develop, and we know it’s incredibly important to consumers as they think about making a purchase decision,” says Jared Rowe, president of Kelley Blue Book.

Wheels in Motion

Rowe says the company’s research over the past 18 months shows customers “wanted to better understand how other consumers thought about the dealers that they were interested in forming a relationship with.” DealerRater was chosen as the temporary landing spot for KBB’s links because of the sheer volume of dealers connected to the site, KBB officials say.

DealerRater COO Jamie Oldershaw says KBB’s decision to offer an outlet that prominently features a place to view testimonials will ultimately work to the benefit of consumers. “Car dealer reviews are an increasingly critical influencer of consumer vehicle purchasing behavior and a core competency of DealerRater,” he says. “We look forward to continuing to work with KBB as a preferred partner to further support the national rollout.”

Also in the works is a new version of dealer reviews from; however, officials aren’t divulging details. “We currently have a solution where dealers can link to the dealer review site of their choice,” says a company spokesperson. “We do have plans for an enhanced dealer rating solution, but at this point don’t have any additional information to share as we are still working through the plans.

“We believe that dealer ratings are a valuable part of the consumer shopping process and a great tool for dealers to manage their reputation.”

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