Carfax Lawsuit Now Lists More Than 700 Plaintiffs

September 03, 2014

MINEOLA, N.Y. The law firm that filed a $350 million antitrust lawsuit against Carfax now represents over 700 dealership plaintiffs — up from just 124 when the suit was originally filed in May 2013.

Bellavia Blatt Andron & Crossett, P.C. alleges that Carfax has illegal alliances with key players in the auto industry, which freezes out competition, thereby resulting in increased prices and unreliable vehicle history reports. According to the firm’s officials, dealers are forced to do business with Carfax at grossly inflated prices, only to have Carfax spend these inflated revenues on ads that disparage dealers as dishonest.

“The number of participating dealers in this suit continues to grow on a weekly basis,” said Bellavia Blatt Senior Partner Leonard A. Bellavia. “This is a testament to just how important this case is to their future business dealings.”


  1. 1. Warnin2U [ September 03, 2014 @ 12:02PM ]

    Do you mean to tell me that auto dealers, a group noted for it's honesty and true concern for the consumer feels that CarFax is operating in an unfair manner. I certainly think the auto dealers should know a crook when they see one as they invented every crooked practice in the auto industry. CarFax isn't perfect, but anyone who does anything to keep the vipers in the business from hiding repair histories, rolling back odometers, putting sawdust in differentials, etc., etc., etc. has got to be the cosnumers friend. The dealers seem to be able to find great fault with every consumer friendly service available, but can't seem to get their horrible business practices cured. The auto industry in the USA is the most flawed business group in the world. Just look at the manufacturers and their recall statistics. Open your yellow pages and count the number of independent shops in your market - each of these independents was put in business by the "dealers" who whine so loudly when people insist they do business in an honest manner.

  2. 2. Tim [ September 03, 2014 @ 12:05PM ]

    Maybe this will also lead to closing the loophole that allows rental companies to sell their damaged vehicles with clean vehicle histories simply because they self insure and the accident report does not show up on the vehicle history.

  3. 3. L Paulson [ September 03, 2014 @ 12:21PM ]

    Car dealers especially used dealer consumers expect the selling dealer to know when 1000,s of moving parts will fail? Please grow up and do not expect the dealer to sell a car that never brakes down. Does carfax tell you about your current exhaust, brakes,fuel pump, water pump, fan belt, tire tread? Probably not, not every shop even reports to car fax! Yes an accident is good to know, if car fax even get's that right. I have personally seen to many car fax mistakes, I just saw odo roll back listed on auto check but car fax missed it!! I personally also so salvaged on car fax and it was not. Car fax really needs to quit running down the dealer, lower prices,

  4. 4. L Paulson [ September 03, 2014 @ 12:35PM ]

    sorry got interrupted, yes lower prices to more usable levels, be much more accurate, A new company is on the history reporting band wagon and I think they are about $2.00 per report!!! I believe they are in all states except Oregon. They are called NMVTIS. It would e a good place to start your vehicle history report. After all this is software driven and car fax probably spends so much on advertising it has to charge more to make handsome profits. The car fox appeals to the non thinking crowd. It went down last year as the most offensive add campaign in 2013. (by vote )

  5. 5. Sheldon Wolff [ September 03, 2014 @ 02:49PM ]

    Let's be serious here, to stereo type car dealers as all dishonest is a fallacy. Car fax has it's merits, however their ad campaign and consumer rhetoric is even more misleading. They do not have all the information about every vehicle, it is often incorrect. They make it sound as if they are the bible of car buying and history, " ask the dealer for the car fax!" Hey there is a responsibility of the consumer to due their due diligence also, car fax may say there is 20 items listed,,,OMG!!! It must be a junker, but if a consumer buys the report it may only be 20 annual state inspections or oil changes. They also tell the consumer now much to pay for a vehicle , but have no idea what it really cost he dealer or it's actual repair history, it's just a is a great marking ploy of the century! They created a demand, and then provided the supply at their own pricing. Just as the valuation books out there, like Kelly blue book, NADA, black book, Gallves, and more popping up . The book says my car is worth so much, or the book say it's only worth so much, big surprise when you call up the book companies and they say they don't buy or sell cars! The best way as it has been for years, is to take the car to your own trusted mechanic. Let him or her check it out, There are many honest and reputable dealers out there. They've been around for years, even the corner old timer who everyone knows in the community. But there are also many dishonest dealers too. They come and go, but just remember where did the dealer get your clunker, probably from you who turned back the speedometer which is hard to do today, or put saw dust in the tranie or some leak stop or other slick ideas so when you wanted a higher trade in value, and then bragged to your friend and neighbors how you screwed the dealer !

  6. 6. Pat McCrotch [ September 03, 2014 @ 06:36PM ]

    Bring it on car dealers! We are going to close you done with your shady ethics

  7. 7. Dan Luneau [ September 06, 2014 @ 07:47AM ]

    We have been in the new car business for over fifty years and have done our best to represent our products as accurately as possible. We enjoy a very good reputation in our market area and have earned every bit of it. In this business if a dealer is not focused on retention he will not be around for very long. As far as CARFAX goes, we use their service but make no mistake they are, like the rest of us, not perfect. Thye are a tool in the box that we use extensively in an attempt to offer our customers the best products that we can.

  8. 8. Jack m hoff [ September 06, 2014 @ 08:52AM ]

    Public Transportation and/or Bicycle is a good alternative for you Mr.Mc Crotch so you will not have to purchase automobiles.
    Just a suggestion

  9. 9. a Car Dealer [ September 06, 2014 @ 01:41PM ]

    pat mccrotch......Start walking or get a horse and buggy. Freakin idiot

  10. 10. An actual car dealer [ September 08, 2014 @ 09:44PM ]

    Carfax tells as many if not more lies than any car dealer I've ever met. They lead the consumer to believe that a carfax report is somehow free at a dealership. This is not true, it is an expensive service. You have to understand that all costs of a business are directly passed down to the consumer, i.e. If we are forced to buy their service all of our customers are then incidentally forced to pay for the service. I have no problem with a history report, I just think it is deceptive advertising gone wild. If you are going to complain because a dealer uses deceptive practices then how can you justify what carfax does. Like I said they inevitably make your car more expensive, and often do not provide enough information for anyone to make any bit of an informed decision. That is what the lawsuit is about.

  11. 11. Actual Used Auto Dealer f [ September 13, 2014 @ 11:13AM ]

    When CarFax could not make the Dealer buy the report they convinced the consumer that they needed their info. It has actually hurt the consumer. Many people now pay $20 for the report thinking it has all the answers instead of spending $50 at a garage to have the Auto inspected. We use Auto Check reports that are half the price with the same info. Used cars are not perfect, the have been "USED". If you must have a perfect auto visit your franchise dealer. If you want to save a little $$ visit your used car dealer. I would be thrilled to be able to purchase "Perfect" autos. Smart people have the Auto inspected. Sorry Charlie there will always be a need and demand for used cars. .

  12. 12. howell clark [ September 25, 2014 @ 03:51PM ]

    warin2u is a little off base with some of his thinking. i've read hundreds if not thousands of carfax and autocheck reports on vehicles. i've found autocheck to be more reliable. and i have seen car fax admit and correct mistakes intheir reporting. i have never seen a report from any service including car fax that has talked and or listed sawdust in the differential. how do you expect anyone to take you seriously with your axe that must already be unusable because you have ground it all the way down.

  13. 13. John smith [ October 31, 2014 @ 06:18PM ]

    I bought a car in 2012 used ford from a pre owned certified. It was a 2011 Ford Edge. Clean car far wit) 12000 miles I went to trade it in today and the car fax stated it it was involved in an auto accident before I baught it with major damage. It stated that car fax didn't start processing the accident until after two years after the accident. Now I am stuck with a car with a bad car fax. I owned the vehicle for two years n just recently it showed up as a bad one. Not sure what to do or any advice.

  14. 14. Ben Rosen [ December 09, 2014 @ 02:31PM ]

    Autocheck is far more accurate and up to date than carfax it's just carfax spent so much more money on campaigns so people think carfax is the bible ..

  15. 15. Gary Sharp [ March 05, 2015 @ 11:34AM ]

    I bought new 08 ford super dutyf250 the dealer told me that it would get about 16mph after first tank . it got 7.5 mpg i flipt out tokit back. ho we need to re tun it they did its a dog now wont harley run this went on and on. at around 30.000mil front tires inside wor out steel showing now its on me they said in and out of shop tunup by them .its gets 9 to 10 mpg .at 63.000mils turbo blows u.p. shaft fails $39.000 i ate repars out of warnte. truck sits in feld now .got300 mil blew something wont run now paid almost 50.000 cash for this pice of shit i have six other trucks they have the cat 3208 in them. ther ok will think twice befor i buy a nother pice of junk / NO MORE FORD TRUCKS FOR MI BUSNESS Gary in Tulsa

  16. 16. Pete E. [ July 07, 2018 @ 07:54PM ]

    John Smith: Here it is four years later, and CarFax is pulling the same stunt. Bought a car two years ago (2016) with a clean CarFax. Went to trade it in on a newer car last week, and was ready to exchange keys and write a check for the difference, when the sales manager came out, CarFax report in hand, and said "Are you aware your car was involved in an accident?" (2015) The report ambiguously states the car was hit front and rear and both sides, and sustained STRUCTURAL DAMAGE. I was stunned! Further, there was a note stating that they had just begun adding such information (???) on a certain date in 2017. They initially offered me $6,000 for my car, which has a Kelly trade in value of $14,400. And then they retracted even that low-ball offer, saying they wouldn't be able to sell the car! What kind of SCAM is CarFax pulling - or are they in cahoots with the dealers? (I did go back and buy the car outright, but immediately lost nearly $1,000 which I had to pay in sales tax, because I couldn't trade in my old car. And now I'm insuring two cars, with the hassle of trying to figure out how to sell my old one - because I can not lie like those in the car business do). None of us need this extra stress in our lives.


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