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Cutting Keys
Sales and F&I managers can defuse interdepartmental conflict by walking a mile in their co-workers’ shoes.
Lead With Commander’s Intent
Empower your staff by making your objectives clear and giving them room to work.
The Great A/B Experiment
Google is taking a ‘multi-armed bandit’ approach to A/B experimentation. Expert says dealers can take advantage by rethinking their own website testing methods.
Data Games
NADA 2014 brought the battles and brinksmanship over big data into sharp focus.
No More Excuses
Your customers are not to blame for your lack of back-end profit on subprime deals. It’s time to stop overselling your inventory and start producing.
New Customs
Keeping up with technology requires us to constantly re-evaluate our needs and take no tool for granted.
Check Your DMS Bill
Billing errors for dealership management systems are more common than you may think. Technology expert suggests you check your monthly invoice for erroneous charges related to hardware and software, annual increases and click fees.
What’s New?
Learn more about the latest products and services to reach the automotive retail and finance marketplace.
Ladies' Night: Marketing to Females
Reaching highline customers has its challenges, but Lexus of Massapequa’s Rose Cruz has set her sights on an even more focused market: women.
Online Marketing: On the Brink of Innovation
Dealer.com’s Dave Winslow weighs in on upcoming developments that will change the way dealers connect with customers.

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EFG Companies Awarded ASE Blue Seal of Excellence
The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence’s Blue Seal of Excellence signifies the level of expertise and knowledge of repair shop technicians and claims administrators.
Rep. Scott Garrett’s amendment to H.R. 4660 would prohibit funds made available by the act from being used for litigation that relies on the disparate impact theory. 7 Financial Organizations Back Disparate Impact Amendment
Seven financial organizations issued a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives on May 29 in support of an amendment to an appropriations bill that would limit Justice Department litigation relying on the disparate impact theory of discrimination.
Average Vehicle Age Remains Steady at 11.4 Years
The combined average age of all light vehicles on the road in the U.S. remained steady at 11.4 years. IHS says the average age is likely to remain at 11.4 years through 2015.
Sales Pick Up in Late May
CNW reported this week that sales picked up in late May, with the firm expecting deliveries for the month to increase 11% from a year ago.
Edmunds: Car Shoppers Don’t Focus on Rock-Bottom Price
Most car shoppers don't fixate on a rock-bottom price, especially if they can avoid long and tense negotiations with fair upfront pricing, according to a report from Edmunds.com.
Dealers' Choice Awards: Cast Your Vote Today
Voting for the 2014 Dealers’ Choice Awards is now open. Readers of the magazine can now cast their vote for the top vendors, consultants and trainers.
KBB: Majority of New-Car Shoppers Unaffected by GM Recall
The vehicle information site says Toyota’s 2009 recall is more memorable than General Motors recent issues with consumers, who, according to survey data, continue to consider GM brands.
Black Book Partners With Cars.com
Black Book will now offer Cars.com customers the benefit of leveraging the same Black Book valuation used by car dealers when pricing their vehicle.
Auto/Mate Receives Top Workplaces Award
For the third consecutive year, Auto/Mate Dealership Systems was selected by The Times Union as one of the Top Workplaces in New York's Capital Region.
Industry Summit Doubles Down on SF
Industry Summit 2014 will feature multiple education sessions dedicated to special finance and used-car retailing. Serving as master of ceremonies for those two tracks will be special finance guru Greg Goebel.