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Sheehy.com Increases Leads Over 300 Percent in 60 Days

August 2006, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

by Sean Wolfington - Also by this author

Sheehy sold an additional 414 cars in one month online while decreasing their advertising costs. “We shifted some of our marketing budget to focus on targeting the Internet. Customers are changing where and how they shop so we are changing where we market. We’ve found the Web is a lot less expensive than traditional mass media, and it’s easy to measure the returns,” said Roy Reutter from Sheehy.
“Initially we relied heavily on third party providers for our leads and after a short time, we realized that the leads with the highest closing ratio and lowest cost came from our own Web site. We’ve since set up our own regional buying service, and we’re generating more traffic and leads for our people to turn into appointments and sales. The Web has become our primary source of phone traffic,” Reutter said.
The Idea
Once the Sheehy team realized they needed more than a Web site and a few third party lead providers, they worked to build a complete strategy to market and update their Web site, staff their team, implement a process, establish pricing and more. That was two years ago and since that time they have increased their numbers by over 600 percent and dropped their cost per sale to about $130 per car.
The Results
After switching to the new provider, Sheehy increased leads from 400 to 1,350 in the first two months and have continued to improve results. Today they are generating more than 2,400 leads a month from their Web site alone. They’re selling more than 400 cars a month online.
The Web site
Roy Reutter has found there are five keys to a great automotive Web site. They are:
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Content that the customer wants
  • High-impact, engaging multi-media fast to load even on a low-speed connection
  • Automatic updating for inventory, specials and pricing
  • Designed to create more Internet, phone and showroom traffic
The Marketing
According to Reutter, the Sheey Auto Stores have been able to generate more traffic at a lower cost per sale by using search engine optimization in conjunction with multi-media buzz mail campaigns blended with traditional marketing strategies. As a result, customers are landing at www.Sheehy.com rather than at the competitors’ sites.
“If you can’t generate traffic there’s no point in having a Web site,” Reutter said.
The Bottom Line
  • Sheehy sold 414 cars online by shifting some of their advertising.
  • After launching the new Web site Sheehy went from 400 leads to 1,350 leads in only 60 days and today they generate over 2,400 leads per month.
  • The closing ratio or the leads from www.Sheehy.com is three to four times higher and the cost/sale averages $130.
  • www.Sheehy.com is designed to drive phone and showroom traffic. The Web site is now the top source of phone leads.

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