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Photo: Getty Images What to Look for on the Digital Frontier
The future is undecided but investing in flexible payment and financing options, multichannel advertising, and lead attribution can create a competitive edge.
Tempting though it may be, engaging in tit-for-tat arguments with online reviewers is never a good idea. Photo © Guillem Don't Leave Feedback to Chance
Digital marketing expert defines the important role of online reviews and customer surveys in the social media mix.
Data Control and the DMS
Learn how Mike Esposito changed careers from engineering to auto retail and dealer software.
Pick One Goal for Facebook Ads
Facebook’s new ad categories give dealers the opportunity to create multiple campaigns to target increasingly down-funnel car buyers.
Tesla vs. Franchise: Weighing the Pros and Cons
Todd Bryant ponders the implications of Tesla’s direct-sales model for car buyers and their communities, both of which have benefited from the franchise model.
Top 5 Ways to Sell More Used Cars Online
Take advantage of every opportunity the internet offers to move used units more quickly for more money.
Revelers cheer New Year’s fireworks in Valparaiso, Chile. Photo by Andrés Aguiluz Rios It’s 2017. Expect More From Your DMS.
The reach of new technology extends to your dealer management system, and you should demand a solution that exceeds your expectations.
Social Awareness
The publisher seeks expert advice for making social marketing work for dealers.
How to Be More Social
Social marketing experts from dealerships around the country share advice for starting a meaningful dialogue with your community, generating organic, in-market leads, and calculating your return on investment.
The Lawsuit Ticking Behind You
Unguarded customer data is a reliable source of income for identity thieves and a largely underestimated threat to auto dealers.

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John 'The F&I Professor' Vecchioni to Emcee Industry Summit
American Financial’s John Vecchioni will return to Industry Summit as the event’s master of ceremonies.
SF Conference Returns to Industry Summit
Industry Summit will once again play host to the Special Finance Conference, the industry’s premier SF training event.
Van Over to Serve as Luncheon Speaker at Compliance Summit
Veteran trainer and compliance expert Gil Van Over will deliver a luncheon presentation dedicated to ‘Your Responsibilities’ at Dallas Compliance Summit in September.
Loyalty to Sedans Remains Strong as SUVs Grow
Jumpstart’s latest report shows loyalty to sedans continues to grow despite exponential gains in all SUV segments.
F&I Futurist Tony Dupaquier Joins F&I Think Tank Roster
The Academy’s Tony Dupaquier will serve as emcee of F&I Think Tank, organizers announced this week. The trainer and F&I futurist will be responsible for guiding the discussions during the F&I 20 Group-like event.
In-Vehicle Tech: Demand Strong, Willingness to Pay Varies
A new survey from IHS Markit finds car buyers are intrigued by advanced in-vehicle technology, but their willingness to pay is limited to some telematics apps and creature comforts.
Fletcher Jones Adds AutoGravity Inventory App
Auto Gravity and the Fletcher Jones Auto Group have launched ‘FJ Drive,’ a real-time smartphone inventory app.
Industry Summit, Best Training Day Ever Join Forces
The next edition of ‘The Best Training Day Ever’ will be held as part of Industry Summit in Dallas this fall.
Hackers Target Dealer Social Media Posts
Dealer IT security expert Erik Nachbahr is warning dealers not to click on social media posts that may contain malware.
F&I Think Tank Heads to Dallas With Arroyo at the Helm
F&I and Showroom’s Gregory Arroyo will chair the 20 Group-like event, which will close out Industry Summit 2017 on Sept. 14. This year’s theme: ‘Making F&I Great Again.’