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Youth Look Online To Accessorize And Customize Vehicles

August 2006, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

by Rob Chesney - Also by this author

There’s a new generation of consumers who won’t settle for a vehicle’s original equipment. Today’s youth are looking to personalize everything, especially their cars and trucks. This customization trend bodes well for dealers, especially online where most of these consumers conduct transactions, as well as research. Plus, there is an additional opportunity to market the original equipment parts displaced by these consumers to other potential buyers on the Web.
Specialty vehicles and crossovers allow buyers to express their personalities and entertainment preferences through a range of parts and accessories that make their cars distinctive from others on the road.
Bumpers, hoods, wheels, rims, audio/video equipment, gauges, knobs, decals, mirrors and other components all figure into the mix of customized elements that present new opportunities to dealers. By featuring accessories, a dealer’s online and on-the-street shops can attract the attention of younger buyers who may remain customers for decades to come. Moreover, since they constantly are looking for new ways to demonstrate their individuality, these vehicle owners are prime markets for repeatedly upselling accessories.
While the young, high-tech buyer’s market offers new opportunities for sales and customer loyalty by replacing standard parts with upgraded accessories, technology itself presents dealers with a way to generate revenue from the swapped out parts. For example, when a customer upgrades wheels instead of discarding the original wheels and tires, the dealer can offer these parts for sale online at eBay Motors.

Buyers all over the world are looking for take-off parts to replace broken or missing components. The standard wheels that are swapped out by one consumer are exactly what numerous other buyers are seeking as replacement – or as their own upgrades for lower-level models. When an accessorizing customer comes away with an upgraded package, an eBay Motors buyer finds precisely the right part for his or her vehicle, and dealers can draw extra revenue from selling both sets of parts.

In addition, many dealers are discovering that by offering new, upscale accessories directly through eBay Motors, they are establishing reputations with the new generation of car buyers as online locations that understand the trend toward vehicle personalization. Young owners are likely to return consistently to a dealer’s eBay Motors offerings if they feel the variety, distinctiveness, bid prices and asking prices are in tune with their iPod lifestyles.

eBay Motors is the No. 1 automotive site on the Web, drawing some ten million unique visitors every month. With an automotive part or accessory selling on eBay Motors every two seconds, it’s the place for dealers to be if they are looking to sell parts and accessories online.

It is fairly inexpensive to sell parts on eBay Motors – the fee for posting items starts as low as 25 cents to begin an auction. Also, a final value fee is charged based on the selling price that can range from 1.5 to 5.25 percent, depending on the final selling price.

When listing accessories, dealers can choose an auction format, a fixed price or an auction with a “Buy It Now” feature that ends the bidding if a predetermined price is offered. Be sure to include photos, product details and information about return and warranty policies. Dealers can establish an actual eBay store to elevate their online presence with the dealership logo and colors, a unique Internet address and lower priced listings for longer durations.

Getting started on eBay Motors is simple. Visit and click the “New to eBay” button. Fill out a brief form to register as an eBay Motors member; then click “Sell” to create a seller account. Online tools are available to help dealers list parts and accessories quickly and easily and even to print invoices and shipping labels direct from their sales records. eBay offers an On-Ramp program for businesses looking to sell parts and accessories online. A toll-free number, 866-319-EBAY, provides sellers with help from eBay advisors, walking them through the registration process and posting their first listing.

Take a look the next time a fully decked-out SUV pulls up and imagine the business opportunities in the personalized statement of the owner. Dealers can be in the driver’s seat by connecting online and on the money with today’s accessory-driven car buyer.

Vol 2, Issue 8

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