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Your Social Media Service Audit
Conduct a three-step audit of comments and ratings to learn how your service department is perceived by customers and which issues need immediate attention.
6 Ways to Fix Your Loaner Program
Turn a profit killer into a profit generator with a proven, six-step process that reduces costs and improves retention.
Clean Up Your Service Department: Part 2
Unsafe facilities, untrained workers, and a permissive corporate culture can lead to accidents, injuries, and lawsuits.
Clean Up Your Service Department: Part 1
Use of personal safety gear and proper disposal and recycling of waste and parts should be the first two items on every dealer’s service department cleanup checklist.
How to Get Retail Rate for Warranty Parts
Pending legislation in California, Colorado, Iowa, and Minnesota will add to the list of states that grant dealers the right to be reimbursed at the retail rate for warranty parts.
Opinion: Dealers Must Prepare for Trump Tariffs
Dealers and manufacturers have a major stake in the outcome of the Trump administration’s new tariffs, starting with the pricing of vehicles and parts.
Stop Wasting Your Service Manager’s Time
If you asked your service manager to list every daily task they complete, you might be embarrassed. Focus their work hours on profit-building and watch your fixed ops revenue soar.
Your 7 Fixed Ops Profit Areas
Use this seven-point checklist to find lost fixed ops revenue and guarantee every sold customer will return to your dealership for maintenance and repairs.
3 Ways to Save on Shop Supplies
Follow this simple, three-step process to get a handle on your necessities and reduce or eliminate overspend.
Take Your Service Marketing to Another Level
Actionable data, predictive analytics, and marketing automation are the new keys to fixed ops success. Service marketing expert has a simple plan dealers can use to leverage all three.

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Vero Launches Maintain, Key ID
Vero has released Maintain and Key ID, new technologies designed to enhance service retention and F&I remarketing.
Affinitiv: Caldwell & Kerr Acquisition Creates ‘Full-Service’ Platform
Affinitiv has acquired Caldwell & Kerr Enterprises, forming a strategic partnership designed to enhance digital capabilities for a combined customer base.
Auto/Mate Integrates DMS With Kimoby
A new partnership between Auto/Mate and Kimoby was designed to help dealers improve customer communications and CSI scores.
Cox Releases Results of Fixed Ops Study
A survey of 3,550 customers and 404 dealership employees offers insights into how the service department experience drives dealership profitability and growth.
IHS Markit Launches New Solution for Automotive Aftermarket
The newest feature in IHS’s WorldView online aftermarket solutions provides auto dealers and other users a view of what’s happening at the counter in near-real time.
Affinitiv Announces ‘Revenue Rescue’ Webinar Series
Affinitiv has launched a series of free monthly webinars designed to help auto dealers maximize revenue potential.
LoJack: Dead Batteries Kill Lead Conversion, Service Retention
A new report from LoJack details how dead batteries and missing inventory can slow the sales process and cost dealers fixed ops revenue.
Bridget Townsend Joins Rapid Recon
Retail automotive software development expert Bridget Townsend has joined Rapid Recon as vice president of development.
Dent Wizard Acquires Image Auto
Dent Wizard International has acquired Image Auto, a regional provider of recon and wheel repair services.
GoMoto Announces Integration With Autosoft
The software firm's Virtual Service Advisor is now integrated with Autosoft's DMS. GoMoto users can now open repair orders, update customer appointments and information, and offer trade appraisals and upsell every customer.