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September 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Your Social Media Service Audit

By Leonard Buchholz

Conduct a three-step audit of comments and ratings to learn how your service department is perceived by customers and which issues need immediately attention.

August 2018, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

6 Ways to Fix Your Loaner Program

By Scot Eisenfelder

Turn a profit killer into a profit generator with a proven, six-step process that reduces costs and improves retention.

August 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Clean Up Your Service Department: Part 2

By Leonard Buchholz

Unsafe facilities, untrained workers, and a permissive corporate culture can lead to accidents, injuries, and lawsuits.

August 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Clean Up Your Service Department: Part 1

By Leonard Buchholz

Use of personal safety gear and proper disposal and recycling of waste and parts should be the first two items on every dealer’s service department cleanup checklist.

July 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Opinion: Dealers Must Prepare for Trump Tariffs

By Gary Brooks

Dealers and manufacturers have a major stake in the outcome of the Trump administration’s new tariffs, starting with the pricing of vehicles and parts.

June 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Stop Wasting Your Service Manager’s Time

By Leonard Buchholz

If you asked your service manager to list every daily task they complete, you might be embarrassed. Focus their work hours on profit-building and watch your fixed ops revenue soar.

June 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Your 7 Fixed Ops Profit Areas

By Leonard Buchholz

Use this seven-point checklist to find lost fixed ops revenue and guarantee every sold customer will return to your dealership for maintenance and repairs.

May 2018, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

3 Ways to Save on Shop Supplies

By Leonard Buchholz

Follow this simple, three-step process to get a handle on your necessities and reduce or eliminate overspend.

May 2018, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Take Your Service Marketing to Another Level

By Scot Eisenfelder

Actionable data, predictive analytics, and marketing automation are the new keys to fixed ops success. Service marketing expert has a simple plan dealers can use to leverage all three.

May 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

4 Ways to Boost Your Car Count

By Leonard Buchholz

Smart dealers run smart shops. Get more vehicles in and out of your service bays by improving your capacity, efficiency, productivity, and scheduling.

April 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

3 Elements of Service Customer Satisfaction

By Jim Roche

Reaching the next level of fixed ops requires dealers to consider and value their service customers’ implicit, explicit, and latent expectations.

April 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

Q&A: Service Does Not Equal Sales

By Tariq Kamal

Assuming every service customer will remain blindly loyal to the dealership is a mistake that costs unwitting dealers countless sales.

April 2018, F&I and Showroom - WebXclusive

Service Advisors Are Exempt From Overtime Rules

By Christian Scali

Auto dealers finally have an answer to a critical compensation question thanks to a 5-4 Supreme Court decision in the Navarro v. Encino Motorcars case.

March 2018, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

The Problem Child: Rein in Your Service Staff

By Leonard Buchholz

Whether underperforming service advisors don’t know how to hit their goals or simply refuse, dealers must be prepared to take forceful action.

September 2017, Auto Dealer Today - Cover Story

How to Calculate Your Parts Turn

Getty Images

By Jill Pastore

Analytics expert helps determine your gross inventory turnover, true turnover, and fill rate.

Tags: controller, dealers, inventory management, parts and service

July 2017, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

3 Ways to Maintain Part Sales

Getty Images

By Gary Brooks

Online retailers are entering the aftermarket parts game. Fight back with smart pricing, inventory and data.

Tags: inventory management, parts and service, Pricing, sales

September 2016, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Optimize PPM for Service Retention

By Ryan Williams

Is easy and effective service retention too good to be true? Prepaid maintenance expert offers advice for keeping your shop at capacity.

Tags: Customer Retention, parts and service, PPM

September 2016, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

3 Ways to Boost Upsell and Compensation

By Jim Leman

By improving the customer experience, creating a spiff program, and financing repairs, you will create new opportunities to increase your service revenue — and your advisors’ paychecks.

Tags: compensation, Customer Experience, maintenance upsell, Repairs

September 2016, Auto Dealer Today - Cover Story

The Master at Work

Steve Travis has been a member of the Liberty Toyota staff since 1978 and has earned a number of awards, including nomination to the 2014 Assembly of Champions. Photo: Brent Asay

By Tariq Kamal

As a Master Diagnostic Technician and Toyota Assembly of Champions honoree, Steve Travis has delivered 38 years of service and international recognition to Larry H. Miller Liberty Toyota.

Tags: dealers, Maintenance, Toyota, vehicle diagnostics

May 2016, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

How PPM Drives Retention

Properly designed and presented maintenance programs help auto dealers engage customers throughout the ownership cycle.

By Ryan Williams

With rock-solid processes and measurable goals, prepaid maintenance programs can help dealers keep more car buyers coming back and create limitless service and sales opportunities.

Tags: Customer Retention, Maintenance, Prepaid Maintenance, sales

October 2014, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

6 Touchpoints for Service Customers

Customers are more likely to order needed repairs and return for future service when dealers make constant, transparent and friendly communication a priority. 

By Paul Potratz

Dealers are earning loyal service customers by focusing on providing a positive experience in every phase of the transaction.

August 2013, Auto Dealer Today - Feature

Serving Up Sales

By Stephanie Forshee

Terry Longmore was focused on service-department sales long before it became fashionable. That dedication is paying off for Beasley Ford Lincoln, where Longmore’s department is capturing 3 to 5 percent of his store’s sales leads from customers waiting in the service lounge.

Tags: Closing Ratios, Creative Selling, Customer Loyalty, customer satisfaction, data mining, dealership profiles, educational-based questions, JD Power and Associates, selling cars to service customers, selling with mobile devices, TEGA Technologies’ Service Turn

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