Louisville,  KY – Strategic Marketing, Inc., the leader in automotive direct mail marketing and lead generation, is pleased to announce it has been successful in creating a new non-credit based list for sub-prime/near-prime marketing campaigns.  This list, called the PROPEL (Proprietary Enhanced List) allows automotive dealers and lenders to target individuals using non-credit based data who might be interested in automotive financing.  This list uses over 150 different demographic filters and is based off of individual response data.  PROPEL has taken over 4 years to create and is the only one of its kind available to automotive dealers and lenders!

Todd Strause, president of Strategic Marketing, commented “since our inception in 1995, we have been providing dealers with cutting edge, high tech direct marketing solutions.  This is another step we have taken to ensure our clients have the latest there is to offer in the industry.  Clients have asked for non-credit data to avoid potential lawsuits and violations of the FCRA.  This list will provide them that piece of mind.”