Former AutoNation USA Senior Trainer Takes on CCI Workshop Challenge

SWANEE, GA - J Chernek Consulting, Inc., a nationally renown firm that provides finance and insurance consultation for automotive, RV and marine dealers nationwide, has named Carl Bohrer as its newest strategic partner. Becky Chernek, founder and CEO of the firm, was enthusiastic about his acquisition. “Bohrer brings extensive automotive retail and training experience to our company and is already making waves with his personable and unique delivery and presentation style. Our workshop attendees rave about his ability to make learning non-intimidating and fun.  Carl packs a serious punch and, in his former employment with JM&A, helped hundreds of dealership finance managers acquire the skills to successfully present menu options to clients.”

Bohrer, who began his automotive career in 1985 and held various retail positions in dealerships, including sales, sales management and finance sales, was hired by the JM&A Group in 1994 and was later promoted to corporate trainer for the largest account, AutoNation USA. By 1997, he was promoted to senior trainer, where he developed and facilitated classes that focused on front end sales, sales management, F&I sales, legal compliance, service department sales, as well as development of new trainers.

“The expansion of our training team with Carl on board further strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our customers," noted Chernek. “His comprehensive understanding of the automotive industry will greatly benefit them, as well as CCI. We’re lucky to have him on board."

“I have always wanted to be the one to show people how to do something new,” Bohrer says. “I love it when I can see the ‘light bulb’ go off in people’s eyes. It is my goal to do this as often as possible, while adding another dimension to CCI’s already sterling reputation for quality sales and F&I training.”

CCI currently offers its Closing Tools & Mastering Menu Sales workshop and private dealership consultations throughout the year. It will hold a WebEx session, Overcoming Service Contract Objections, on August 3rd at 10:30 A.M. Future workshops to be spearheaded by both Becky Chernek and Carl Bohrer include: Advanced F&I Training, Sales Management, Agent Training, Bank Representative Training, Subprime Financing, Hiring Practices, and the pros and cons of hiring women in the automotive industry for a positive experience.