Burlington, VT  – Dealer.com, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, recently announced it has entered into a strategic agreement with Google to become an authorized reseller of Google’s AdWordsä advertising program, with 45% of its staff having received training on AdWords.

More than 90 Dealer.com employees in technical development, engineering, Rapid Response support, sales and marketing and the entire search and account management team have received additional AdWords training and certifications, and continue to work closely with Google to ensure the team stays updated on the latest trends, features and changes.

“The difference between hiring a certified professional and someone who does not know how to design an effective SEM campaign can cost dealers hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month,” said Dean Evans, chief marketing officer with Dealer.com. “Our consultants provide dealers with a huge competitive advantage by creating targeted, effective campaigns that draw consumers to dealer websites.”

AdWords is a cost-effective, efficient way for businesses of all sizes to advertise their products and services online at exactly the time their customers are looking for them. As a Google AdWords Authorized Reseller, Dealer.com’s employees are equipped to help dealerships tap into the power and reach of the Google AdWords online advertising platform.

“When you combine the world class power of our search solutions platform and the superior knowledge of our staff, compared to our competitors’ outsourced solutions it becomes a very smart move for dealers and OEMs to turn to Dealer.com for their search needs,” said Mark Bonfigli, president and CEO of Dealer.com.

Dealer.com offers auto dealers a comprehensive SEM solution for their websites. The company’s TotalControl DOMINATOR™ is a revolutionary no contract, no management fee program that gives dealers control of their SEM advertising. TotalControl DOMINATOR allows dealers to create and modify pay-per-click campaigns, or choose to have Dealer.com’s experts do the work for them. Campaigns are customizable and keywords can be changed on the fly. TotalControl DOMINATOR is for dealers who actively engage in SEM and is an ideal tool for advertising limited time promotions, setting bid prices, adjusting pay-per-click budgets, targeting specific geographic regions and more. TotalControl DOMINATOR offers dealers incredible reporting and flexibility with a simple user interface.
About Dealer.com
Founded in Burlington, VT in 1997, Dealer.com is the industry leader of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry. Dealer.com offers the only fully-integrated, Web-based, closed-loop marketing platform that measures the effectiveness of every marketing program, while tracking responses and respondents, from exposure to closure. The platform includes NADA award-winning automotive dealer websites, user-friendly lead management tools, the most proven local search engine advertising solutions available, and unparalleled metrics and Web analytics. Dealer.com is the only company to truly revolutionize the online marketing and sales effectiveness for auto dealers with an unmatched level of speed, precision and ease-of-use. For more information, please visit www.dealer.com or call 888-894-8989.

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