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Are You A Player Or A Hold Out?

August 2006, Auto Dealer Today - WebXclusive

by George Dans - Also by this author

Have you ever noticed the difference between winning and losing? They’re not that far apart. In basketball, it sometimes comes down to the last shot doesn’t it? In auto racing, it could come down to thousands of a second. In football, it could come down to the last kick of the game. In sales, it could come down to the last customer of the day. In life, it could come down to one thing. Would you like to know what that is? It comes down to you making a decision today to become a player instead of a holdout. There are two types of people in life. Players or holdouts and lets talk about the holdout first. For some reason, in life the holdout is the person who doesn’t go out in life or in business. They seem to be holding their best back for some reason. I really can’t figure this one out. I thought life and your career was to always give your best in everything you do, from being a parent, spouse, friend, employee, salesperson, sales manager and dealer.
Look, if you hold back, its going to cost you more then you can figure out on a calculator. Think of some of things it’s costing you to hold back. Think of the feelings you feel because you hold back. Let’s review them. Holdouts subject themselves to frustration, grief, self judgment, anxiety, self doubt and fear. Holdouts are holding onto lack. That’s terrible. Lackers will never be winners in life. They lack what it takes to be the best. Here is what happens. When things don’t work out, people tend to feel those feelings, and they beat themselves mentally. And when that is over, they start looking for someone else to beat up. By that I mean they start justifying why things didn’t happen or workout. They start pointing fingers at people, saying things like: well they wouldn’t work with me, business was slow, the market is down, the weather is weird, its too cold to sell, we don’t have enough inventory to sell, finance cant get deals bought, things are weird around home, my dog doesn’t like me, my dealer is weird cause all they want to do is make us work around here, my pen ran out of ink, most of my buyers are buried in their cars, the ups are getting hard to sell to, this dealership is hard to sell cars, blah blah blah.

The list could go on forever, cant it? STOP this ridiculous self-defeating negative talk! Look in the mirror and say, “ME. I am not living the life I so desire because of ME.” That’s it. Come clean today and admit that maybe you didn’t give your best at life and work. Now think about this for a minute or two. Did you give your best each and everyday at work? Yes or no? Now, if you didn’t give your best take out a piece of paper and write out why you didn’t give your best. Once you do that, you can improve yourself. Be honest when doing this, because the truth is all we are seeking in life. It will release you from the chains and prisons that maybe you have sentenced yourself to. Now let’s turn around and talk about what happens IF you give your best.

Giving your best means that you put your heart into everything you do. You will find a way to accomplish your goals, because you are putting every fiber of what you have into giving into what ever you are doing. Give everything you have and life will not deny you success. Life will not be able to hold you back because you have control of life. You will be able to cover just about any obstacle that falls in your way by giving your best because you are loaded with faith, effort and belief in yourself and your abilities. When you give your best, doors of opportunities will open with ease. Why? Because you have set in motion the most powerful engine in the universe; your heart. Your heart is the symbol of creativity, and if you’ve got that going then you aren’t disintegrating. You will find a way to get it done. You will find a way to become the best in your life and career. The man who thinks he can will. The man who thinks he can’t won’t. It’s a mindset.

Your self-talk determines your character in life. Winners talk themselves up; not talk themselves down. Do you beat yourself up with silly useless words? Examples: Well I’ll never be able to do that; it only works for certain people. I could never do that; no way. That person just got lucky.

Get rid of that self talk. Replace it with more power affirmations. Examples: I can do that; I know I can do that. I’m not there yet, but I’m going to get there. If I give my best, then nothing can stop me. I’m not giving up. I’m good, and I’m getting better. That’s it, now you got it going.

Write these sentence’s on an index card and carry them in your shirt pocket and review the card several times daily. You will put the law of success in your subconscious mind. I've done this for years and they’ve helped me out in my toughest times. Your subconscious and conscious minds will now be in harmony. They’ll work together. Good things will happen to you because you are expecting them to happen. It’s almost too easy, isn’t it? Yeah, were always looking for the magic pill or wand to fix things; aren’t we? Your results in life will never come to you unless you give your best to attain them. Life will not hold you back; it won’t deny you. Today is the day to make the choice. Draw a line in the sand and take a stand for what you stand for in life. Are you a hold out or a player? Go home and ask your family and see what they say. My son would blow me out for low production, if I told him I was a hold out. I’m going all out in life because I don’t want to get to the end and ask, “Why didn’t I give my best?”

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