Training Calendar

Ethics & Compliance Certification

4/3/2018 - 4/3/2019

Available Anytime Online

Ethical and compliance-related violations are serious business — serious enough to jeopardize your current job or career and could even result in jail time. This exclusive online course is designed to educate you on various compliance obstacles you may face in your dealership. With the retail automotive environment, and F&I specifically, ranking as one of the most regulated industries, this course is sure to cover all of the potential pitfalls that you could face in your daily routine. Broad topics include: the regulatory landscape overview, common violations, sales and desking, the F&I process, creating a compliant culture and sound practices. Throughout the course, you will be quizzed after each lesson and ultimately be required to take a final exam. Those who achieve a passing score will receive a certificate as a professional who takes a proactive approach to Ethics and Compliance.

To learn more or take the course, visit today or call John Tabar, UDS Director of Training, at (800) 282-1154.

Training Calendar

F&I Certification School

5/7/2018 - 5/11/2018

Clearwater, Fla.

This is a comprehensive five-day certification session which presents a complete F&I foundation for those new to the business, or the veteran looking to revisit the fundamentals of today’s business landscape. It includes 10 modules important to the responsibilities and activities of an F&I professional. Topics include credit applications and lender relations, protection products, presentation skills, objection handling, ethics and compliance, leasing and more. The session is ultimately designed to create a stream of qualified F&I professionals who possess the knowledge to succeed and eventually advance into dealership operations management. Give yourself the best chance at a successful automotive F&I career, and beyond, by registering today.

Visit or contact John Tabar, UDS Director of Training, directly at (800) 282-1154.



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