Auto Dealer Today Issue

February 2014

Cover Story
Ladies' Night: Marketing to Females
By Stephanie Forshee

Reaching highline customers has its challenges, but Lexus of Massapequa’s Rose Cruz has set her sights on an even more focused market: women.


No More Excuses

By Greg Goebel

Your customers are not to blame for your lack of back-end profit on subprime deals. It’s time to stop overselling your inventory and start producing.

Who Can Take Your Place?

By David Keller

Succession planning requires dealers to re-evaluate their business, their successors’ qualifications and their own past decisions — both good and bad.

New Customs

By David Gesualdo

Keeping up with technology requires us to constantly re-evaluate our needs and take no tool for granted.

The Year of the F&I Pro

By Kelly Wadlinger

Award-winning F&I pro challenges her colleagues to make 2014 their best year yet.

Check Your DMS Bill

By Brian Reed

Billing errors for dealership management systems are more common than you may think. Technology expert suggests you check your monthly invoice for erroneous charges related to hardware and software, annual increases and click fees.

What’s New?

By Tariq Kamal

Learn more about the latest products and services to reach the automotive retail and finance marketplace.

Give Yourself a Raise

By Don Reed

Dealers who meet or exceed industry benchmarks in fixed operations all subscribe to the same formula: The right people plus proper training equals record profits.

Objection Handling for Dealers

By Tony Dupaquier

F&I pros are experts at handling objections, which might explain why many are resistant to change. Trainer explains how dealers and GMs can answer five common objections from the finance office.

The Independent Spirit

By Tariq Kamal

Joe McCloskey’s focus on customer service extends through sales, F&I and the service department.

Online Marketing: On the Brink of Innovation

By Stephanie Forshee’s Dave Winslow weighs in on upcoming developments that will change the way dealers connect with customers.

February 2014 Sales Pro: Christine Clabaugh Christine Clabaugh

By Kelsey Nolan

Christine Clabaugh of Honda Marysville is Auto Dealer Monthly's Sales Professional of the Month.

Second-Half Comebacks: Ford, VW and Yelp

By Jim Ziegler

‘Da Man’ charts a course for come-from-behind victories against your competitors, the regulators and unscrupulous review sites.



Jim Ziegler
The Future Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be

By Jim Ziegler
The Alpha Dawg sets the record straight on Tesla’s troubled lineup, GM’s European misadventures, and Sergio Marchionne’s endless search for a suitable trading partner.

Convention and Super Bowl Hangovers

By Jim Ziegler
The Alpha Dawg has a lot of ground to cover after a memorable trip to New Orleans, a soul-crushing loss to the Patriots, and more factory mischief than one man can take.

Welcome to Saturation Nation

By Jim Ziegler

Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over

By Jim Ziegler

Opening Observations

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