Auto Dealer Today Issue

April 2014

Cover Story
No-Haggle Pricing
By Stephanie Forshee

Ali Ahmed and the sales team at Simpson Buick GMC have shortened the sales process and improved CSI by switching to a no-haggle pricing system. Having weighed the pros and cons, he believes fixed prices could soon become the preferred model for dealers nationwide.


Running Up the Score Dealers take pride in high CSI scores, and rightfully so. But the attitude your salespeople exhibit when asking for positive survey responses should pervade every interaction with every potential customer. 

By Kelly Wadlinger

Focusing on CSI scores leads dealers to forget that potential customers who are turned away from your store will never fill out a survey.

Wanna Buy a Car, Mate?

By Tom Hudson

After a 10-year nap, Rip Van Cardealer awakens to a future in which dealer pricing, financing and reserve are a thing of the past.

Concept Cars

By Stephane Babcock

These four concept cars were designed to push the boundaries of design, fuel efficiency and utility.

NADA 2014

By ADM Staff

Learn more about some of the products and services on display at the 2014 NADA Convention & Expo.

Buying Into Bankruptcies

By Denny Long

Are you getting your share of the profitable BK market? Direct marketing expert lists the essentials of reaching these motivated, in-market buyers.

The Numbers Behind the Numbers

By Greg Goebel

Data from dealers who are active in special finance yields guidance and several surprises.

Written in Stone

By Ron Reahard

The current political climate is unfriendly toward profitable dealerships and productive F&I departments. The best way to change the conversation is to remind the public that dealers are not just in it for themselves.

Paid Search vs. Display Ads

By Sarah Adamo and Renée Benedetti

Create an effective online marketing campaign by targeting potential customers at different stages of the car-buying process.

Dealers, Dollars and Disparate Impact

By Jim Ganther

The CFPB is employing a broad definition of the word ‘discrimination’ to put the squeeze on dealers, and the NADA has responded. Learn why one compliance expert believes both groups may have gone too far.

DMS 2014+

By Brian Reed

Consumer demand will force DMS technology to accommodate a fully online sales process.

Traded Away

By David Gesualdo

Recent developments prove that, when the chips are down, nothing is sacred.



Jim Ziegler
The Future Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be

By Jim Ziegler
The Alpha Dawg sets the record straight on Tesla’s troubled lineup, GM’s European misadventures, and Sergio Marchionne’s endless search for a suitable trading partner.

Convention and Super Bowl Hangovers

By Jim Ziegler
The Alpha Dawg has a lot of ground to cover after a memorable trip to New Orleans, a soul-crushing loss to the Patriots, and more factory mischief than one man can take.

Welcome to Saturation Nation

By Jim Ziegler

Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over

By Jim Ziegler

Opening Observations

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