Auto Dealer Today Issue

May 2014

Cover Story
The Path To Victory
By Kelsey Nolan

With hard work, determination, and a passion for learning honed by his years in the classroom and on the football field at the University of Michigan, Jason Olesnvage has risen to the rank of general manager at Victory Automotive.


Recruiting Violations Technology advanced vehicles give technically proficient sales consultants an edge. Dealers have begun recruiting salespeople from the consumer electronics industry, which requires skill set and similar work hours. 

By Jason Heard

Dealers must let go of outdated recruiting methods to attract and hire qualified, motivated individuals.

No Haggle? No Problem. Or Not.

By Tom Hudson

The magazine’s legal wiz believes that dealers who advertise no-haggle pricing should be safe from legal action — unless, of course, they haggle.

Concept Cars

By Stephane Babcock

These prototypes were designed to push the boundaries of design, fuel efficiency and utility.


By ADM Staff

Discover new tools and services designed to keep your store connected, informed and efficient.

Greg Miller: Undercover Boss BEFORE

By Tariq Kamal

Larry H. Miller Group’s Greg Miller recounts the experience behind his appearance on CBS’s “Undercover Boss.”

Refinancing Dealer Credit Facility upgrades and renovations are underway at dealerships across the nation. An improving economy and low interest rates have prompted many dealers to consider refinancing. 

By David Keller

Low interest rates are driving dealers back to their banks and finance companies to discuss refinancing floorplans, mortgages and lines of credit. Accounting expert offers advice for preparing your case and deciding between fixed and variable rates.

How Not to Get a Deal Bought

By Greg Goebel

After waiting two months for a slam-dunk loan approval, the special finance guru has newfound sympathy for the struggles of subprime car buyers.

How to Build Trust Online

By Dan Flora

Earning the trust of the car-buying public requires consistency in pricing, inventory and your dealership’s brand.

5 Critical CRM Tasks Today’s CRM systems can display your most critical action items and give you an up-to-the-minute look at your progress with current customers.

By Brian Skutta

Dealer software expert lists five ways your customer relationship management system can drive new sales and service visits.

How To Find The Right DMS Dealers who own multiple rooftops often manage a shared inventory and accounting office. Your DMS should be optimized to reflect the needs of your operation. 

By Sharon Kitzman

Expert lays out a three-step plan for dealers who are considering a DMS conversion.

Your BDC Profit Center Why limit your BDC team’s potential? Skilled agents can generate sales and service opportunities by taking on new assignments such as showroom outcome calls and database marketing. 

By Greg Wells

To convert your BDC from a loss-prevention department to a true profit center, you must think beyond phone and Internet leads and challenge your reps to take on new tasks.

Financial Peril

By David Gesualdo

The publisher is astonished to learn he is not alone in his struggles to close a prime-credit home loan.



Jim Ziegler
They Finally Killed Somebody

By Jim Ziegler
Ziegler believes Uber’s directors should face criminal charges for their role in an Arizona woman’s violent death.

20 Things a GM Must Do Every Week

By Jim Ziegler
Ziegler returns to list the 20 essential tasks you must master to become an executive GM and reap the financial rewards, including that elusive $500,000 salary.

All Things Must Pass

By Jim Ziegler

Join the Battle of Jericho

By Jim Ziegler

Opening Observations

Stand Up and Be Counted

By Tariq Kamal
The Dealers’ Choice Awards are the Yelp of vendors and finance sources.

Over the Curb

This Is Us: Dealer Edition

By Jason Heard
Heard knows delegation and outsourcing are the quickest path to a work-life balance.