Auto Dealer Today Issue


The Cost of Compliance

By Tom Hudson

A new study found that U.S. dealers spend more than $3 billion per year to keep up with federal regulations, but the total cost of compliance is undoubtedly much higher.

Big and Small

By Stephane Babcock

This month’s collection proves that concept and custom cars come in all shapes and sizes.

Lead Time

By ADM Staff

These four services were designed to help dealers create new sales opportunities and upsell customers.

To Be or Not to Be On-Camera As the face of his multistate dealer group and a West Virginia state senator, Bill Cole is comfortable in front of the cameras, and his affable personality comes through on TV. 

By Jim Raposa

Are you ready — and qualified — to become the face and voice of your dealership? Marketing expert asks the tough questions.

The Foundation of Marketing Expansion

By Greg Goebel

Dealers who dive into special finance without personnel, processes and pay plans in place are bound to miss opportunities.

Coach to Win

By John Vecchioni

Improve employee performance and retention with a renewed commitment to ongoing training.

How to Respond to Comments

By Samantha Cunningham

Marketing expert offers pointers for encouraging positive feedback and responding to negative comments online.

Independent Thinking Consumer demand convinced Yves Belanger, owner of Gibson Truck World in Central Florida, to specialize in light-duty and monster trucks. Belanger says reconditioning costs for Gibson’s extensive inventory total more than $250,000 per month.

By Toni McQuilken

ADM profiles three independent dealers who take a hands-on approach to running their operations.

Event Space

By David Gesualdo

The size and scope of Industry Summit continues to change with time and the demands of the market.

The Industry Is Ready for Econtracting

By Brian Reed

Connectivity expert says that if dealers, lenders, product providers and lawmakers get on board, industrywide adoption of econtracting could soon be a reality.



Jim Ziegler
They Finally Killed Somebody

By Jim Ziegler
Ziegler believes Uber’s directors should face criminal charges for their role in an Arizona woman’s violent death.

20 Things a GM Must Do Every Week

By Jim Ziegler
Ziegler returns to list the 20 essential tasks you must master to become an executive GM and reap the financial rewards, including that elusive $500,000 salary.

All Things Must Pass

By Jim Ziegler

Join the Battle of Jericho

By Jim Ziegler

Opening Observations

Stand Up and Be Counted

By Tariq Kamal
The Dealers’ Choice Awards are the Yelp of vendors and finance sources.

Over the Curb

This Is Us: Dealer Edition

By Jason Heard
Heard knows delegation and outsourcing are the quickest path to a work-life balance.