Auto Dealer Today Issue

August 2014

Cover Story
2014 Dealers Choice Awards
By ADM Staff

The winners of the 2014 Dealers’ Choice Awards represent the industry’s best product and service providers as selected by dealers and dealership personnel.


Dive Deeper

By Kelly Wadlinger

F&I pro shares three foolproof strategies for plumbing the depths of production and customer service.

The Impostor

By Tom Hudson

A recent court decision saved a creditor from charges of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but the case could compel dealers to rethink their criteria for pulling credit reports. 

RETRO Concepts

By Stephane Babcock

The 1970s melded science fiction and the mythology of the flying car into a rare breed of concept vehicles.

Value Added

By ADM Staff

Check out four products and services that were designed to benefit dealers and customers.

A Tale of Two Dealerships

By Greg Goebel

The adventures (and misadventures) of two BDC teams prove that, when it comes to structure and process, one size does not fit all.

Security from Every Angle

By Sharon Kitzman

Your DMS is an often-overlooked asset in your quest to protect your data — and profits.

The Scourge of Apathy

By Ron Reahard

Dealers who wish to meet the $1,400 PRU benchmark must be willing to invest time and money in people, preparation and product knowledge.

Every Avalanche Starts With a Snowflake Properly presented and described, biweekly payment programs can be an asset to the F&I office and provide benefits to car buyers throughout the life of their loans. 

By Jim Ganther

The FTC’s probe of biweekly payment programs was limited in scope and consequence, but it could be a harbinger of further concerns over F&I products and dealer markup.

Remembering Ed Bobit (1927–2014)

By ADM Staff

Friends and colleagues pay tribute to a titan of the automotive press.

Stand by Your Brand Nikki Smith, a sales document processor for Bill Marsh Auto Group, stands ready to greet customers at the service desk. Co-owner Jamie Marsh expects most of his added service traffic to come from former Saturn customers. 

By Stephanie Forshee

GM dealers have found reasons to remain optimistic as they weather a record-setting string of vehicle recalls.

In Memoriam: Ed Bobit, 1927–2014

By Tariq Kamal

Last month marked the passing of Edward J. Bobit. He was the founder and chairman of Bobit Business Media. The company began with the 1961 launch of Automotive Fleet. It would grow to include more than 20 titles, including Auto Dealer Monthly and F&I and Showroom.



Jim Ziegler
All Things Must Pass

By Jim Ziegler
Ziegler mourns the loss of Gregg Allman as Ford and Hyundai shake up their leadership teams and Carvana struggles to stay afloat.

Join the Battle of Jericho

By Jim Ziegler
Ziegler has harsh words for the so-called geniuses behind escalating factory incentives, political support for autonomous vehicles, AutoNation's 'millennial-friendly' pay plan, and the Carvana IPO.

Don't Run, We Are Your Friends!

By Jim Ziegler

The Future Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be

By Jim Ziegler

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