Auto Dealer Today Issue

November 2014

Cover Story
The Big Shake-Up
By Toni McQuilken

Steve Fox refuses to settle for the status quo, and his restless spirit is driving leads, sales and service at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Santa Rosa.


Escape From Finance Island

By Jason Heard

F&I pros can use sympathy, efficiency and leadership to break down the barriers between themselves and the sales team.

A Million Reasons to Behave

By Tom Hudson

A Missouri dealer was ordered to pay $1 million in punitive damages to a customer who sued for fraud.

High Visibility

By David Gesualdo

Dealers have the ability and opportunity to redefine their image among U.S. consumers.

We Are the 64% New data proves that a significant number of potential special finance customers will purchase at another dealership — most likely one that has a proven process in place and a team committed to capturing their share of that market. 

By Greg Goebel

New data proves that nearly two-thirds of dealers who serve subprime customers are being outsold by their competitors. Escape the 64% club by committing to special finance and getting your entire team on board.

Top 3 Questions for Your Service Manager

By Fred Fordin

In the service department, a sales-first mentality can only be achieved by crunching the right numbers and ensuring a thorough inspection is performed on every vehicle.

New Tools for Web Conversion Exit intent technology can help dealers capture more leads from their websites by tracking the digital behavior of individual visitors and engaging them just before they leave. 

By Brian Hart

Before you increase your ad spend or invest in a new lead-generation program, consider three proven strategies for capturing more of your website traffic.

Dawn of the Compliance Age

By Jim Ganther

The Great Recession and sweeping regulatory changes created an environment in which only dealers who demand compliance in every aspect of their operations can survive.

Pick Up the Phone!

By Joe Verde

Sales pros must be trained to return every phone call, even when there may be trouble on the other end.

Drive Your Mobile Strategy to Success

By Bob George and Pete Bruhn

Searches initiated on phones and tablets will soon overtake desktop searches. Are you prepared to deliver a relevant experience to mobile users?

13 Keys to BDC Failure

By Greg Wells

Follow this advice to guarantee your business development center is doomed before it launches.



Jim Ziegler
It's a Nerd Meltdown

By Jim Ziegler
The Alpha Dawg coaches sales managers through a CRM crash, shares advice for desking deals the old-fashioned way, and explains why AutoNation’s rumored pay plan revision and GM’s thrice-delayed Project Pinnacle are doomed to fail.

There’s a Vacancy in Mom’s Basement

By Jim Ziegler
The Alpha Dawg discovers the cure for Millennial Madness and goes deep on certified pre-owned leasing, the case against Sage Auto Group, and the end of the big publics’ shopping spree.

Objects in the Rearview Mirror

By Jim Ziegler

The Big Talent Drain

By Jim Ziegler

Opening Observations

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