New Brand and Logo Conveys Company’s Close Tie To Credit Unions, Their Members, And Their Association with the Automotive Industry

Rancho Cucamonga, CA - CUDL (CU Direct Corporation), which administers the Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) program -- the nation’s largest point-of-sale and indirect lending network for credit unions -- today introduced their new brand and logo to the credit union industry.

“We have evolved as a company since 1994, and the new brand strategy affirms CUDL’s success to date and helps position the company for continued growth in the future,” said Tony Boutelle, President and CEO of the Rancho Cucamonga, California-based company. “The new brand represents and effectively communicates our continued focus on and dedication to helping credit unions successfully grow their auto lending programs and our commitment to developing the technology and products to achieve this goal.” 
At the center of the company’s new brand strategy are its new trade name “CUDL” and new logo, rendered in the newly adapted corporate colors of blue and red.  The trade name CUDL replaces the company’s existing brand name, Credit Union Direct Lending, to strengthen company and brand awareness, as well as to create a formidable brand that the industry, credit unions, dealers, members and consumers will be able to identify with. 

The company surveyed both credit union and dealers for their awareness and use of the company brand, and found inherent brand equity with the name “CUDL” by both customers.  By transitioning to the new trade name and logo the company, as well as who they are and what they do, will be more easily recognizable by both credit unions and dealers. 

The new CUDL logo has an abstract, contemporary appearance, integrating a hi-tech, automotive look and feel with a consumer/member-centric look.  The logo also symbolizes the convergence of the company’s technology with their marketplace and customers.  The new logo includes the tagline “Fast Friendly Credit Union Financing,” which underscores and communicates the company’s position in the marketplace.

About the new CUDL brand and logo:
  • The logo incorporates the shape of a heart, which communicates warmth and caring, and is a strong extension of the company’s new brand “CUDL” (“cuddle”).
  • The right side of the logo’s “heart,” in blue, depicts a steering wheel, with the “head,” in red, above the left side of the “heart” representing a driver. In combination, these symbols represent the company’s association with and tie to both the auto industry, and their credit unions and their members 
  • The swoosh and circle represent motion, alluding to technology, conveys CUDL’s technology leadership 
  • The colors of red and blue combined represent the company’s goal of establishing the market’s most recognized nationwide network
Simultaneous with the company’s new brand launch, CUDL debuts its new corporate portal website (, consistent with the company’s new brand positioning. The new site design showcases CUDL’s position as an industry and market leader, and provides user-friendly navigation, offering insight to the company’s products, services, news and industry events, while also providing easy navigation to the company’s many client sites.

“We are very excited about our new look and brand, which helps to further position us as an industry leader with our credit union and dealer partners, and provides the face of CUDL for the coming years,” concluded Boutelle.

About CUDL
Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, CUDL® (CU Direct Corporation) is the leader in indirect lending services for the credit union industry. As a result of its recent merger with Indirect Services Inc., CUDL administers both the Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) and DecisionApp programs, which allow members to receive credit union financing at the auto dealership through an automated decisioning system. As a Credit Union-owned Service Organization, CUDL develops custom applications, training and marketing programs to help credit unions achieve their indirect lending goals. Participants include more than 8,000 dealerships and 580 credit unions in over 45 states nationwide. For more information on CUDL, visit Credit union members can find all the latest CUDL AutoSMART auto buying and research tools at: