Vehicle Details, the popular in-house window sticker, data integration and inventory upload application, announced the launch of a new web-based version.  Company president, Howard Schlei, stated that “We’ve come to the conclusion that this whole internet thing might catch on.” 

The Vehicle Details On-Line product offers all of the features previously offered by the Vehicle Details PC-based version, including One-Button Upload, printing buyer’s guides, printing new car addendum stickers, printing vehicle information sheets and printing vehicle brochures.  The On-Line version has the added benefit of allowing users to log in from any computer at any location with internet access.

Vehicle Details has been a long-time in-house solution to VIN decoding and printing richly detailed used vehicle window stickers.  The One-Button Upload feature allows dealers to send their inventory and photos to a Vehicle Details server, which in turn sends the data/photos to any or all internet services previously selected by the dealer.  Dealers can manage inventory, change pricing, add and remove vehicles in the Vehicle Details product, then simply send the updates to a Vehicle Details for distribution.

Unique in the industry, the Vehicle Details product uses data assembled, compiled and edited by the company itself, including its own VIN decoder.  Company president Howard Schlei states that, “We do all of our own vehicle data in-house because we’ve never seen outsourced data that offers the kind of rich detail we demand.  We prefer to display data that sells the car.”

Pricing for the Vehicle Details products may also be unique in the software arena.  There is a one-time setup charge, but after that, there are no software fees, no update fees, no annual fees and no monthly fees.  There is no equipment to lease.  The company does not require a contract.  Dealers pay only for what they need as they need it. 

Vehicle Details is currently in use in more than 3,000 automobile dealerships across North America and Canada.  For more information, visit or contact Vehicle Details (Trans World Data) at 1-262-240-9707 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.