San Diego, CA – Virtual Lending Source, LLC, headquartered  in San Diego, CA,  today announced the release of their new direct mail advertising product, SpeakerMail™.   Although sound effects have been used in greeting cards in the past, SpeakerMail™ is the first direct mail piece to use the technology for volume mail campaigns.  “The mail pieces come in several standard shapes and sizes but custom orders can be accommodated” said Paul Caldwell, Manager of Direct Mail Sales at Virtual Lending Source.  “The piece looks and feels like a greeting card so the open rate is significantly higher than most direct mail pieces. ” 

In addition, as the consumer opens the card, it starts talking to him and delivers a fifteen to twenty second message which can be customized complete with background noises or music or even recorded by the client in his/her own voice.  The applications are universal including sales solicitations, announcements, thank you cards, service reminders, etc.   Virtual Lending Source specializes in credit scored pre-screen mail solicitations. 

“We believe SpeakerMail™ will revolutionize direct mail advertising” said Caldwell.  “Early testing has shown a response rate of over 8%.  We expect to be the buzz of the NADA Convention in New Orleans.”  See SpeakerMail™ at the VLS booth #1217W.