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BarNone Launches LiveLead

August 6, 2010

New Generation of Internet Leads that Focuses on Contact and Quality

BarNone, Inc., the leading provider of special finance leads to the automotive industry, today announced the launch of their new internet lead program, LiveLead.  The program helps automobile dealers increase sold cars from BarNone’s special finance internet leads by having BarNone verify leads with multiple phone calls from its live call center. The goal of the program is to get more leads verified visiting auto lots.

 “Over the past few years, dealers have struggled to close enough business from internet leads to make them work,” said Matt Murray, General Manager of BarNone.  “This is a result of the decrease in the quality of internet leads and more stringent approval criteria since the financial meltdown.  Dealers that have made internet leads work realized that to succeed they have to get a larger percentage of their leads to the lot.  LiveLead does just that.”

BarNone’s new LiveLead program is a turn-key program for dealers that wish to buy internet leads.  With every lead purchased, BarNone includes up to 25 calls to the consumer from our U.S.-based call center. The goal is to contact leads, ensure their intent to purchase and either set a sales appointment or warm transfer the lead to the dealership.  LiveLead also identifies bad leads and returns them for the dealer, ensuring the dealer is spending time on true leads rather than bad phone numbers or people looking for other products.  LiveLead is automatically included for free when a dealer buys a BarNone lead. There is no monthly fee or additional charges for the program.

"Our tests of LiveLead have shown significant increases in appointments set and cars sold," said Murray. "Dealers are showing almost double the amount of revenue generated from their lead spend versus traditional internet leads.  And, their sales people are much more productive selling to verified people with appointments set instead of tracking down bad leads.  A true win/win for everyone.”

About BarNone, Inc.
Founded in 1995, BarNone features a scalable platform that supports lead generation for automotive dealerships, as well as a 24-hour call center and Web based application capability. We offer a complete suite of advertising media solutions, including Internet leads, customized pre-screened direct mail, and national and local television advertising. For more information or call BarNone at 800-557-7998.


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