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Rent-To-Own Pays Off On The Bayou: Independent Dealer Successfully Switches Business Plan Cont'd

January 1, 2013
Jennifer Muprhy - The flip-side of the dealer maintaining ownership of rented vehicles is that renters can return the vehicle to the dealer at any time for...

Used-Car Success for the Small Franchise

October 29, 2012
Jennifer Murphy of Auto Dealer Monthly takes a look at how a small used car franchise, Napa Ford, was successful through the use of inventory management...

Overcoming Used Vehicle Acquisition Challenges

September 26, 2012
Four dealers from across the country shared with Auto Dealer Monthly their insights on today’s market and some of their strategies for overcoming the...

The Many Uses of Mobile Apps

August 17, 2012
Opportunities abound for dealers to harness the power of the mobile app as a means of connecting with customers and for aiding day-to-day operations. Auto...

2011 Special Finance Conference Review
2011 Special Finance Conference Review

January 30, 2012
“Amazing,” “wonderfully executed,” “super,” “great,” “fabulous,” “educational”—all of these are words used to describe the 2011 Special Finance Conference.