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The Finance Effect

July 7, 2010
Tom Herald - As the $200 Billion TALF (Term ABS Loan Facility) ether starts to wear off, it is going to be interesting to see what happens to non-prime...

The Hidden Costs of a CRM

May 24, 2010
Tom Herald - Customer relationship management (CRM) software and systems can be an incredible waste of time and money, and the resulting exposure to...

The Future of Special Finance

October 20, 2009
Tom Herald - In order to gain a more clear vision of the future, we must first have a solid understanding of our past.

The Essence of a Team

August 17, 2009
Tom Herald - Have you ever noticed the differences between really good companies that stand out among the competition and those others that just seem out of...

The Fundamentals of BHPH

July 16, 2009
Tom Herald - Special finance is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. The demand for financing is growing as consumer credit shifts lower on the spectrum...

Ten Questions Top Sales Managers Can Answer

June 29, 2009
Tom Herald - Every high-performing sales organization is led by a manager who has the answers to 10 common performance questions that separate the strong...

Analyzing Inventory - Deja Vu 1980
Analyzing Inventory - Deja Vu 1980

June 18, 2009
Tom Herald - When it comes to the car business, 2009 is not much different than 1980. The details, circumstances and causes for the recession were different...

Full-Spectrum Financing

June 8, 2009
Tom Herald - Full-spectrum financing is an absolute necessity for car dealers today. It affords them the ability to offer vehicle-purchasing options to...

Ten Fundamentals of a Business Plan

March 30, 2009
Tom Herald - Let’s hope and pray that 2009 is better to car dealers than the last two years have been, but instead of just hoping and praying that business...

The Special Finance Customer

February 27, 2009
Tom Herald - It didn’t take much talent or effort to sell a vehicle to these credit-challenged consumers ... From my perspective, it was like selling water...

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